Monday, July 16, 2007

New Lace knitting group

I just read about it -- Lacis has a lace knitting group that meets once a month. Lacis, as in less than 10 miles from me. And there's a group of lace knitters that meet at the beginning of each month on the East Bay. I'm too chicken to go tho'. I've seen the work these folks do and yes, just a wee bit intimidated.

I wonder how much lace knitting goes on? I can watch fluffy TV and knit lace, but I don't bring these types of projects to my group (unless I'm purling the other side). I just think that I'd be too distracted by beautiful lace to actually get any knitting done.

Maybe I'll try to saunter over there and pretend I'm buying something at the same time as their next meeting. Naw, I'm clucking...


Diane said...

My sister in law is a quilter and she was afraid to attend the local quilter's guild meeting for the same reason. Turns out their work was so far beyond what she was doing she felt bad but the group was very open and welcoming; not judgemental at all. Give it a try once. If you don't like it you just don't go back.

Stefaneener said...

I'd love to get over to Lacis -- I haven't yet. Do you know of any other knitting groups? I miss having a group somewhere, but I'm not certain that I can handle a high-powered one.