Wednesday, July 11, 2007

funny little hedgehog

I've been thinking about 'hugable hedgehog' from Fiber Trends. But I'm not going to purchase another pattern. But I'd swap for it...alas no takers.

I did have a swap for FC: Easy Knitted Toys. I traded sock yarn for this book. And even tho' the swapper found out that the book was out of print and worth a bit, she still made the trade.

btw, I don't have startitis, I have anti-startitis. I'm stalled on my other projects.
1) Cropped cardi--so almost finished, but not quite. It was suggested that I do a felted decorative thingie for the cardi to cover up the eye hook. So, I've got to do that.

2) Bowling pins-- the sand in the film canister has a center of gravity that's too high and will more likely to topple before while being set up, so I've got to go to a store and buy beans.

3) MS3--awaiting the next clue.

So, what's a girl to do? I've picked out my next project (Wicked), but should I use old Cotton-ease or new -- that would be black verses uhmmm faded black. Or should I use my BS Cotton Fleece (also in black)?

While waiting to make the decision, I figured I needed to do something with this crazy novelty yarn from my new-to-me book. Don't you love it? novelty petrochemically beauty.

Since I do not have the hedgehog pattern, I opted to make baby hedgehog. Here's my rendition: It's not the size they claimed (6inches), but then again, I used a US3 on worsted weight. Mine turned out to be maybe 4 inches. They had you cut felt out for the feet, but I knitted them instead. So, can you believe this little guy required 5 separately knit pieces?! There's got to be a better way...aha, next time, in the round!


Diane said...

That baby hedgehog is too cute. Love that little red nose.

fleegle said...

That'ss just as cute as the pattern. But I thought hedgehogs were pink?

z's momma said...