Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dino II - the Rise of Steg

You might remember a bit back when z asked for a steg 'just like the one on the computer'. Well, that would be chemgrrl's awesome stegosaurus for her nephew. Anyway, I was all going wild on the color combinations...blue steg with yellow plates ala UC colors, purple steg with black plates (UW?), green body with yellow (UO) etc. He wanted a green steg...good thing I have been stockpiling yarn (green especially). Then I asked what color for plates. I wanted pink (very retro 80's preppy) and was told that it was 'too girlish'. What about yellow? nope.

Anyway, ends up he wants green with red plates. So that's what he'll get ( I warned him it might look Christmassy, but that's what he wants. chemgrrl has a great technique for getting the plates to stand up and that's what I'll do too.

Here's a picture of the progress thus far. Not looking too cool right now, is it? The yarn is a surprisingly soft (for acrylic) vintage Spunkist yarn in 'avocado'. On the new Options US3 needles. Why, that would be two back legs, modified to knit in the round with magic loop two at a time (the same way you'd do socks). But I think I'll do the front legs flat because I'm not saving that much time by knitting in this manner.

started July 11, 2007


chem said...

Yes, but then you have to (gasp!) seam. Ick. Did you knit the body in the round? Yours looks great so far.

z's momma said...

Thanks chemgrrl. I did most of it in the round.