Thursday, August 09, 2007

HP7 fini and lace

I've finished HP7! It was a good read, but I feel that now, I must find the old ones and reread them. It was a tad difficult remembering names of secondary/tertiary characters that cropped up.

The only thing I must say is that boy, there were many many deaths. And given that I had a sick child, I managed to power through it pretty fast...not as fast as I could have, I did want to savor the book.

As a thank you for my friend that lent me her book, I made this for her.

Yep, another bookmark. Since she's a knitter, and definitely a reader, I figured this would be good. I was going to make her a HP scarf bookmark, but I didn't know which house she liked (and I didn't have the colors anyway).

yarn: cotton w/ gold twisted in (I forget)
needle size: US2 straights
time: 8/8/08
pattern: from lace bookmarks

hmmm...I do hope she realizes it's a gift, and not a bookmark I accidently left in there...

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