Friday, August 24, 2007

Shel for G

Did I mention I needed to make another knitted item for another child's first birthday? Well, yes, I do. My group of friends (from 2nd time mom's group) are all having birthdays. As a lark, I had gifted a knitted item to the first child, and then I gave each child a knitted item as they turned one. I figured that they'll get lots of toys and books, but how many would get handknits?

So, with G, I decided another toy. I started on kangaroo (Joey) from World of Knitted Toys, but am not enamored with it enough to actually make mommy.

Then I decided to make a ear infection germ (all their kids always get ear infections). I thought that would be humorous, but z & a's dad reminded me that the parents might be a tad offended. So, that project will go to another child who's parents will think it's weird, but very funny.

Anyway, I knit Sheldon from Knitty for him. It's originally done in sport weight, but I chose to do it in worsted. Then I decided I'd better double the yarn and knit w/ US6. Woah! what a mistake. I finished knitting the body, only to decide that a smaller Sheldon would be much cuter. Not only that, but I don't think I had enough yarn.
Finished stats:

yarn: worsted acrylic in limeade green and 'baby blue' from lb of love
needles: dpn US3 (clovers)
time: August 21-23, 2007
size: 13inches long

mods: I did make one for the body instead of kfb. Instead of choking-hazard-eyes, I used felt and cut out circles for eyes which then I sewed on. I had such issues trying to knit together the shell while doing the attached i-cord that I ended up doing the attached i-cord to the top shell, then sewing the bottom on. I also put the shell on Sheldon before I sewed on legs. Unfortunately, this means that it'll be difficult to take him out of shell.

Well, it goes to a new home tomorrow. Hope he likes it.

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fleegle said...

He'll love it. I love it! You are so talented! And prolific! Turtles, alligators, stags. Geez.