Monday, June 11, 2007

totally forgot...I won a contest!

I really did totally forget. I won a contest over here. 'Here' is the Walker Treasury Project. What a cool and very useful concept (and application of concept). You all know the books, now see what the stitches look like. Very cool.

And I wanted to join in and submit samples (so that I can get a blanket done w/ squares). But I just haven't had time to go through the books I have (I've got I &II in hardback -- a craigslist find) and have gone through them a little bit, but not to zero in on the patterns I want to use for the said blanket so I haven't emailed to request a pattern because I haven't picked a pattern...anywhoo, I did leave a comment on the blog and won a contest!

I won an audiobook. I chose The Road. Anyway! Go and check out the WTP site. It's amazing, and inspiring.

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