Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The end of Destash!?

Oh, sadness. I LOVE this blog. Once I found destash, I would visit almost every day and just think about why someone would get rid of this lovely yarn, book, whatever...such lovely yarns... And then there were times where I was thinking to self "What were they thinking?! and they want HOW much for that?!" Okay, but I did really love this blog. I've made a few purchases and was also able to destash a bit of unwanted yarn and even a book.

There were definitely folks who had really bad blog etiquette and would do ridiculous things like put their time of blog way into the future so that their item would always be on top. And then there were the newbies that kept pressing the publish now button. Argh!

Dudes! Couldn't you work out the page on your own blog, then cut and paste onto the destash? Then there wouldn't have been 20 drafts of the same darn thing! And of course, this is my own theory, but I think that blogger operates in the space time continuum such that no two bloggers shall publish simultaneously. So, don't try to edit your page on destash blogger, go edit on your own darn blog, then cut and paste it (oh, wait, I already said that?!)

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. My hope is that someone else will set up another destash blog, and that people who didn't play nicely don't get to play.

(gets off soap box)

Now, I'll go and send a email to the nice folks at destash to tell them how much they'll be missed.

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