Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cool stuff and Happy Father's Day!

Last week, I was surfing the Destash Blog (RIP) when I came across yarn that I thought I'd be interested in. So, I clicked onto the blog to check it out and was looking at the very cool knit bowling set when Z walked in and said ' ooh, Mom. Can you make that for me?'

What's a mom to do? I emailed the blogger with the question and she promptly emailed me back w/ the answer. The pattern's in Vicky Howell's book, by the way.

I went back to her blog and began reading it...hmm...something sounds familiar...wait a minute...I KNOW her. I met her awhile back at the local coffee shop -- I didn't even know she knit. How weird is that?! Anyway, I emailed her back and thanked her for the info and she has very graciously lent me her book.

I love knitters! How kind. How cool.

On a separate note. I actually broke my first needle (bamboo) the other day. I emailed Crystal Palace and guess what came in the mail yesterday? yep, not one, but 2 needles. That's what I call a good company.

On the knitting front, still working on bronto. The time consuming parts are the legs/feet. Four legs has (seriously) TWENTY EIGHT separate pieces!!! argh! 16 of the 28 are toe nails, so I'm going to see how much of a pain it is to knit little itty bitty triangles for claws...or whether I can embroider them on. Okay, that's not too cool, but the fact that I'm at the feet part is cool.

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Stefaneener said...

No. That leg thing is insane. I'm hoping you find an easier way to do it, because that would drive me nuts. And I'd never ever knit them if you can't.