Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Dino progress post

Well, darn it. This thing has how many different pieces? So, yes. I'm going to post yet another in progress post.

Actually, I'm done knitting, now comes the part of sewing, stuffing assembling, embellishing. I've already decided that bronto will not have spots (as per original pattern). Who decided that anyway? Spots? on a very large dinosaur?! Like yeah, he's going to be hiding from predators using his camouflage long as he's in a jungle or such, carnivores aren't going to be able to spot a 80 feet dinosaur!?

The feet. The four feet were kind of a pain. For the back feet, they ask you to make two feet. You knit the main part, then knit toes individually. THEN...they say, knit the soles in a different color, EXACTLY as the top of the feet. Argh! (okay, it's my own darn fault for not reading the instructions all the way through, but hey). So, for the front feet (same construction but smaller), I did all 4 of them on straight needles at the same time -- ala 2 sweater sleeves or 2 socks, except I had 4 items on the same needle. This way, if I screwed up on one foot, they'd all match. See! Am I brilliant or what?! okay, or what.

As for the 16 claws, I knitted them originally as per instructions, but a foot's worth later, I decided that since I have to knit little triangles, then fold them and seam them, I might as well...yep, you guessed it...knit them in the round. I actually knit them as I-cords, decreased to claws. So, at the knitting group I attend, I managed to finish up the 16 claws.

Anyway, here's a picture of the parts. As I said, I had to stuff as I went on the main body. The legs and feet were knitted flat and the claws in the round. If I could figure out a way to make the feet in the round, I would. But if I did that, I'd have to make itty bitty 'gloves' and they would be the same color. If that weren't more painful than knitting them flat, I'd probably forgo the color switch.

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Okay, you're pretty much talking me out of knitting those. I bet yours turns out lovely.