Sunday, June 10, 2007

Did you KIP?

No, I didn't either.

No, I take that back. I took Z to soccer practice and managed to cast on and knit one row of a bib for A. That counts, doesn't it?

I meant to do more. There was no way that I was going to make it up to Berkeley for their event. I would have loved to, but I'm playing single mom this weekend whilst z&a's dad is off doing some guy time w/ his buddies. Next year. I'll try harder next year.

Besides soccer, we had a nice lunch w/ grandma at our favorite dim sum place. And then we had a relaxing afternoon (okay, it was relaxing for me because Z took a nap!). So, of the 5 items planned for Saturday, we managed to do more than half. That's not too bad. The 2 things we didn't do? Go check out the Sand Castle building contest and go to a picnic at the park.

However, this morning...woken up at 4am by A, who woke up Z. And yes, they're still up...

On the knitting front, I got the very cool Patons Dino pattern (thanks so much to the wonderful chemgrrl) and have started brontosaurus. I've managed to completely change the pattern to knit it in the round and I 'm hoping this will work. Maybe I should have read all the directions first, but I thought I'd wing it. The finished dino is huge, so I sort of am making him shorter. I'm using my Crystal Palace US2 dpn with a green acrylic worsted weight yarn (speckles) . When I find the tag, I'll let you know. As this is a toy, I stash bust some acrylics. (did I mention that the cotton knitting so traumatized me that even acrylics are feeling pretty okay?!).

I believe that for at least one of the dinosaurs, I will make as per instructions...and if bronto turns out wonky, well, I'll be remaking it in the flat (but I'd rather not).

btw- I was bummed when I got these dpns because they were longer than other dpns I normally use, but this has totally worked out for toy making in the round because you've got to increase to large number of stitches from small number, and while magic loop rocks, it's kind of a pain to do unless you've got a fair number of stitches to work with.

So, for example, the pattern goes from tail to head, so I decided to use dpn's for an I-cord that I increased to knit in the round...

So, how many WIPs?
stalled out yoga bag
market bag in cotton
luna moth shawl

*these are just the 'active' ones. There's a serious bunch of WIPs that need to be worked on.
Have a good Sunday!

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Stefaneener said...

You do so much. Of course that counts. Soccer knitting is easier when they're all playing and there isn't anyone small to watch. Hang in there.