Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spiral Blanket for Z done!

So, back at the end of October, I was working on a big boy blanket for may remember it. Well, I was done at the end of October, but it just didn't look 'finished'. It needed a border. As I was contemplating the border issue, I moved on and worked on other projects. When I finally finished my Lacevember item, I got inspired to finish the blanket. Without further ado, here's the finished (ends weaved in and everything) blanket.


less than 4 skeins Encore Medium blue
less than 4 skeins Encore Miami aqua
1/3 skein Encore Denim blue (this is the blue used for the edging -- AND the one z didn't like and I ended up getting the aqua)
Edging: single crochet 1 round
Time: October 16, 2006-November 21, 2006**
**actually October 30 finish date without the edging
Pattern: Inspired by Loop-D-Loop Geek sweater and Wooly Thoughts (since I had to make up the #'s for each triangle)
Needle size: #7 (I'm a loose knitter)
Finished size: ~52inch square blanket


Stefaneener said...

What a lucky big boy! It looks great. I have very fond memories of my childhood afghan. I hope yours has as many invested in it.

Julia said...

This is just awesome! Great colors and the border is perfect.