Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I was so close on getting some ca$hmere from ColourmartUK, but I just couldn't do it. Why not? I want to order from his non-Ebay store, but the colors are a little lacking. I'm waiting for a good 4-ply. Anyway, I saw this and couldn't pass it up. $10/cone of laceweight silk. ooh...bonbon...sweet...I knit up a little swatch using #3's and it was nice.
100% silk lace weight yarn for hand or machine knitting
Simply silk, deep deep lustrous colors...
Cone Weight: 150g, 5oz
Yards on each cone: approx 2,500 (7,500 yards per lb).
This yarn comes from one of the top knitting mills in Scotland, and was specially made for them in France.
This yarn is supplied still oiled for industrial knitting, and needs to be washed to "bloom" further.
This yarn is a 2 ply yarn, (2/28NM), and will knit similarly to the lace weight yarns described in the table comparing the knit properties of most of our yarns here .


Mama Mystery said...

Quite a score.

Stefaneener said...

Wowie. I'm sure you'll do it justice.