Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Non-knitting cool kid post

As I'm dropping off z and a at school this morning, this is the conversation I had w/ z (who's 3 1/2):

z: momma?
me: yes, z?
z: this weekend, on Saturday, I want Viks for lunch.
me: really?
z: two dosas, one puffy bread (cholle), and no chicken biryani.
z: because the chicken biryani is too spicy.
me: yes, the chicken is very spicy.

Last weekend, we went to Viks
(in Berkeley, and if you've never been, go), and we got our usual order: one dosa, one cholle, chicken biryani and one Thumbs Up soda (tastes like wood) for z and a's dad...

Anyway, how cool is that? I've got a kid that enjoys eating more than turkey hotdogs, mac&cheese, and chicken strips (although he really likes those too)

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Stefaneener said...

Mine are all suckers for Indian food. And Thai food . . . we're so fortunate where we live. I have to field complaints like "What?!! No kale and chickpeas tonight? Aaiaeee!"

Makes me feel like maybe something's going right. We'll have to try Viks.