Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh, wait, it's lacevember

and I haven't chosen a pattern yet.

I'm presently working on another Shetland Triangle as well as a scarf in some random lace book. However, I believe that I should do a largish project. I've got some green Shetland wool...maybe I'll do a Shetland square from Folk Shawls. Or the birdnest one... I was looking at my Modern Lace Knitting book (the 1st one) and I really like the curtains, I was wondering if that would be too weird to be a reinterpreted as a stole ala Scarlett (O'Hara, that is).

Oh, I came across Lace Style. Too bad the book doesn't come out until next year. All I can say is that they'd better not have previously published patterns in this book(like the Holiday issue I got suckered into purchasing). I'll be bummed.

1 comment:

Stefaneener said...

I'm with you on the previously published patterns thingie. Makes me a little miffed.

Lace sounds like a great idea. Someday!

I think the stole idea would work a treat.