Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to me.

Today is my birthday and the family got me a really yummy chocolate cake, and chocolates... and yarn money. I think I'll actually get my Knitpicks order that I've had in my basket for about a couple of months. Monday, I want to run to Big box book store to see if they've got the new Victorian Lace book (the site said they had it in stock).

And to top it off, I got another package of the silk bonbon yarn from Colourmart, and when I emailed them, they said to keep it because they made a mistake and sent my order again. Yippee! Of course, my evil twin is thinking why didn't I order the cashmere, I could have gotten 2 cones...naw, I'm just happy to have this yarn. Altho' they've got more beautiful silk yarns and I may have to get another cone (although they raised the price by $2.00). I promise not to order any cashmere until I've used up some of the noncashmere yarn I already have.


Stefaneener said...

Happy happy birthday! I hope you have tons of knitting time so you can knit up enough to buy more yarn!

Nik said...

Happy Birthday! and free yarn and yarn money are always great gifts.