Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Niddy Noddy

I'm going to see how much of a hassle it is to prewash the cashmere from colourmart before handknitting.

But I'm without a niddy noddy and the thought of winding around a chair doesn't hold much appeal--what's a girl to do? I bought PVC pipe, 2X T connectors and end caps(and a PVC pipecutter, because I needed one) and made the niddy noddy in less than 5 minutes with directions found here

I did have to read instructions and watch a video(several times) as to how to use a niddy noddy--the first couple of times I wrapped the wrong way and had to de-niddy noddy
or is that noddy niddy or yddin yddon?!

And yes, that is a paper towel holder I'm using to steady the cone.

The rhyme goes like this:
Niddy noddy, niddy noddy.
Two heads, one body.
'Tis one, 'tain't two,
'Twill be two by and by.
'Tis two, 'tain't three,
'Twill be three by and by, etc.

I was going to try this ditty, but then couldn't figure out what constitutes a complete line vs. wrapping...so I just kept saying niddy noddy, niddy noddy...(z thought that this is a funny word and kept repeating it too.

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Stefaneener said...


You are so clever, and that was really funny. So a niddy-noddy winds it so you can skein it? Or put it on a swift and ball it? How does this work? Is there PVC that's not in the garden in my future?