Monday, January 08, 2007

I want to be an after...

Wait, was I going to make any more scarves? Why, yes I am. I've actually purchased a bunch of (insert expensive) yarn for the sole purpose of knitting scarves...

As an aside, I cannot do this. I can try, but I'd be setting myself up to fail. That's like going on a super strict diet, starving for 3 days, then blowing it by eating a box of chocolates...then beating myself up... Oh, wait, that's what happened, I wasn't starving myself, but I've managed to consume almost a whole container of lovely chocolates. Anyway, I'll try to do it the slow and true way, try my best with yarn I have, and if I have to have something? well, I won't buy the sweater's worth, I'll buy enough for a scarf, or socks or something small...moderation. See, I'll count points. I want to be an 'after'...

I did see a blog where for every 15lbs the blogger lost, she gives herself $30 for yarn (I forget where, I'll look it up tomorrow if anyone's really interested), and if she doesn't lose, no yarn. See, that doesn't work for me either, since I (now) have enough yarn to keep me busy for a really long time. That just isn't incentive for me...but hey, whatever gets you motivated.

Anyway, I found this pattern for the scarf on this site and it called for the gauge/amount yarn I had available. So I had to knit this sucker up. She's got a free pattern for a chemo cap with the same pattern and a smoke ring too, but I figured which would I (or whoever I gave this to) wear more frequently...yep, scarf.

Conclusions: This is a lovely yarn to work with. If you've got the $$, spend it at my new favorite yarn vendor ( Yes, he's got an intarweb store and it's got some lovelies. And it's cheaper than the ebay site. As for the scarf pattern: I was able to complete the repeats, and I think I did half more than the pattern. The only modification to this pattern is that I didn't do the 6 rows of garter, I only did 3. Given how the bottom is a tad wonky, mayhaps I should have done the extra rows. I really like this pattern, I think I'll do another one, but as a wrap.

Here's the scarf. The specifications:
Pattern: Wavy Feathers Qiviut Scarf from site above
Started: 01/05/07
Blocked: 01/08/07
Yarn: 100% fingering weight cashmere
yds: 250yds --that little bit is what's left
needle: US7 Susan Bates plastic circulars
Final length: ~60 inches

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Stefaneener said...


I'm doing the same thing -- knitting up what I have and then dealing with the rest later.

I think being conscious of why you buy is half the battle, like thinking of why you eat. . .