Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back from SoCal vacation

Just got back from socal visit. Didn't stop at the funky yarn shop in HB (California Yarn Sales). I've gotten some feltable wool from Miki as well as some brown mohair yarn that I planned on using to make a shawl. Maybe next trip I 'll swing by there... no, I haven't made a felted something, nor have I made a shawl, but that's on 'the list'. That shop's so cool. They've got stuff piled high and in nooks and crannies. I love that type of shop. (Not to say that I don't like well-organized LYS either, it's just that I feel that I'll be able to find some sort of gem in a store like that). And I like dealing with folks that have been in business for a long while.

So, it was a good trip. Got to see all my sibs (4 of them) and their progeny. That would be 6 nephews. Yes, we have THE girl. One thing is that the boys are super well behaved. Dinner out was very amusing. The boys range from age 10 down to 1 and they were able to sit through dinner out at a pretty nice restaurant and keeping the adults entertained. Well, actually, mine ate alittle, and seriously fell asleep in his chair until we were done.(sigh)

The only really sucky thing was that the car died on the way back. Thank goodness z&a's dad figured it out when we lost electricity on Pleasanton(oh, and not in the middle of nowhere I5). btw, if your cruise control goes out mysteriously, followed by various warning indicator lights coming on, followed by your headlights going dim, you may want to pull over. So, New Year's Eve was spent our wonderful friends home. The car? It got towed to a dealer's service station. We're awaiting (with bated breath) how much it's going to cost...

But other than that, it was a good trip. An update. The car's problem was the alternator.

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