Monday, February 27, 2006

Potato Puffs....mmm....

I had a doctor's appt. today on Piedmont and went to check out the new Gregoire. It's an upscale takeout place right next to AG Ferrari. I had been reading about this place for awhile, but I didn't feel like dealing with the hassle of Shattuck parking, but when I heard a new store opened on Piedmont, I was SO there...

Walked in to what looked like a huge line, but in fact, folks were just waiting for their food. I ordered these potato puffs, not knowing what they were, only that everyone raves about them. I watched the cook/chef making them. Basically a little scooper of something going into the deep fryer. I had thought that maybe they're little baked puffs (ala creme puff) or that they were deep fried like binets or doughnuts. But what I got were light fried mashed potato balls with a really yummy sauce. I refrained from eating all of them and brought some home for z's dad to try. They are really good.

So, their menu changes every month and I've heard that their blue cheese burgers are absolutely to die for...I'll be checking to see if they have those in March.

Oh, knitting content. I went to check out Article Pract for #2 or #1 Addis for my next pair of socks, only to realize that today is Monday, and they're not open on Mondays (that would be Skein Lane that's open). Of course my next doctor's appointment is also on a Monday, so I'll have to make a special trip to Article Pract for the needles. Yes, I could have should have bought the needles at Stitches West, but I had a budget, darn it!

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