Friday, March 03, 2006

We have SOCKS!

Well, I finished them. And here they are. Pretty basic pattern from the net (I don't even remember which one). All I know is that they were easy peasy. The only problems I had was trying to turn the heel (not knowing whether it was half of the stitches turned, or the specific number-- see previous post).

Next time, I'm going to try the 2 socks at once thing. I was a-surfing and found this little gem -- The Boy Who Knits. In his most recent entry, he speaks of doing the Jaywalker socks from Grumperina ala magic loop two socks at once! I'm going to attempt this too. If he didn't have detailed instructions, I would have done them as written from Grumperina, but you know what I figured out the one thing I really do not like about knitting socks is counting the rows to make sure the socks actually matched. I figured that I probably counted the same darned rows of the second sock at least10 times...(but then again, mayhaps I have a smidgeon of OCD)

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