Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bpt progress

I'm working on Bpt from Knitty using the red Sisik yarn I purchased from WEBS at Stitches West. Here's the specs from WEBS:

Sisik is a beautiful wool/mohair blend with a terrific color palette. Each color is complimented by coordinating flecks of color that result in a lovely tweed look to finished garments. Sisik is very soft to the touch and a joy to knit with!
Content 30% wool/30% mohair/34% acrylic/6% viscose
Weight/Yardage: 50gm/148 yards/ball
Gauge: 5 sts = 1” on #7 needles
Knitting Weight: Worsted

I really like the feel of the yarn and so what if it's somewhat acrylic. I got gauge using #6 Addi Turbos (yeah, I'm a loose knitter). The only thing I didn't like about this yarn is that the "coordinating flecks of color that result in a lovely tweed look" ends up flaking off the yarn and gets on your clothes and nearby surroundings.

As far as this pattern:
I initially had issues with where the increases were supposed to be and actually had to draw out a schematic to figure it out. Of course 9 inches into the sweater, I realized that altho' I got the stitch gauge, I missed on the row gauge (mine was 26row/4 inch vs. their 24row/4in). I asked the smart folks from my knitting group and was able to wrap my brain around how to fix it. However, I tried the thing on, and it fit fairly well, so I decided not to mess w/ the pattern (it would just spiral to no good, I'm sure).

Of course, when I went to join the cables, I realized I made a fundamental error, I had switched all but the back cables, such that my cables were all in reverse pattern. Oh, well. I'm just going to leave it and I doubt anyone will care. I'll have to take a picture of it for next time since my camera battery is charging as we speak.

One final note: this sweater is knitting up very quickly. I may even start thinking about z's dad's sweater again...


yahaira said...

eek! someone else knitting bpt. now, I dont know if its because Im starting it in the middle of the night, but I dont get the increase row at all. Can you explain where they go?

z's mommadad said...

I started in the middle of the night too. I worked it as such: set up stitches, do first cable, knit, and know that you increase 1 st before the marker, slip marker, knit through the cable, increase after the cable (1st raglan), knit to next marker and increase 1 st before, through cable and again increase after cable. That's your one raglan sleeve and into the back (don't increase through the back double cable) and repeat (increase 1 st before marker, etc.)

Good luck! and let me know if you have any other questions.