Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Two socks on single circular needle

As promised, here are the finished socks:
As I said, these socks were made by using a single 40inch circular #1 Addi Turbo and following the general directions from this site. I followed the link on that page to learn the fancy schmancy crazy figure eight cast on (very unweldy to do the first couple of rounds). After some rows, I put them on the Addi and started knitting. Once I finished the heels, I decided to do a 3X2 rib. I wanted to do something more fancy, but I didn't have any knitting books with me at the hospital.
(note to self: moisturize)

(I think most of the nurses thought I was knitting something for the baby and were surprised when I wore them when I was done,)

yarn - Lion Brand Magic Stripes (Bright Spring pattern) a little less than 1 skein
pattern - simple toe up from site
amt of time to finish - less than a week

here's a pic of the socks in progress (or more rather, almost complete)
I highly recommend using this technique if you're like me and really hate counting and recounting rows so that you don't get uneven socks.

I did even start the socks at the same point in the yarn to ensure that the socks match. However, when turning the heel, I must have messed up a little because the designs became out of sync and one sock pattern is a quarter stripe different than the other (the good thing is that you really can't tell).

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