Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stitches West...

I really want to go to Stitches. My goodness, folks are coming down from Oregon and up from SoCal...sheesh...the least I can do is to go check it out since it's not really that far (and no bridges).

We've got a huge amount of stuff scheduled this week, culminating in z and I going down south to SoCal to visit the newest nephew (born in November). z's dad can be the single guy (woo hoo!). We were originally planning to go down Sunday (Stitches on Sat) so that we can do a weekend down there, but it's looking like we'll be back on Friday...so...Friday to Stitches it is.

But it looks like no one is interested in going on Friday...so, it looks like I'll be solo. Of course, this also means that I won't have an enabler w/ me, telling me what great yarns those are and how I can't get it anywhere else...

Wish me luck! And I am going to really try to limit my yarn purchases to stuff I'll use. I have been super duper good. I have not bought any yarn since October/November. I've been trying to bust the stash.

Uhmmm...of course, I'm having lunch w/ a friend today in the City, and realized that Artfibers is literally around the corner from her building....I will go and see what all the hoobaloo is about.

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