Monday, February 27, 2006

Walk-on Olympics

I'm totally not like this kid -- first, I'm not autistic, not in highschool, nor did I shoot 6 three pointers and another shot during a game...however, I did manage to finish a whole project (non-dishcloth) during the Olympics allotted time.

Of course, I didn't sign up for the competition or anything. I wasn't doing the Knitting Olympics 'cause I wasn't sure I'd finish anything in that amount of time. But, I managed to get some ribbon yarn (Moda Dea Ticker tape) and casted on for a clapotis some time after the opening ceremonies. Maybe I can be Emily Hughes, kinda like a walk-on for the Olympics.

So, amidst the Closing ceremonies last night, I realized I was 13 stitches from finishing the clapotis, and w/ much super fast knitting (as fast as I can, anyway), I casted off the last stitch...

I'd show you a pic, but z's dad has the camera in his car and he just left...

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