Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I may be lame about blogging, but hey, I'm working on...

socks! Okay, I'm working on the first sock. (And it's not the same sock I worked on previously). This time, I'm using #2's w/ a neat blue sock yarn. I have no idea what type of yarn it is, it's part of the stash I got at the garage sale last summer. Anyway, I knitted following directions from the web -- it was some simple standard sock protocol. However, there are little bits of critical (to me) information that was omitted. For example, how many stitches to knit for the heel. Now, when comparing to another simple sock pattern that was downloaded, it appeared that half of the stitches goes for the heel, and that's what I did. 60st start results in 30st for heel, right? After I was done w/ this part, I read the next section (turning the heel) and thought wait, how come for both socks (the other used 56st), they start by knitting 18 stitches. Oh, crap. Did I screw up? Well, I ripped the 30 rows out and knitted 28 stitches for 30 rows.

Okay, note to self: please read all of the directions to a pattern/protocol before freaking out. Well, ends up the next section clearly states to knit the 30 stitches -- oh, doublecrap. Ripped again and well, that's where I'm at.

How sad is that?!

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