Thursday, February 02, 2006

Walking around Alameda

I was reading the local paper and there's a story about this guy

How cool. To walk every street on the Island. Altho' the geek in me is thinking what is the optimal path to not double back on routes...

The other thing I was reading about was knitting while using a treadmill (on knitlist)...I really don't think I can knit and treadmill-- I barely can knit while watching TV or while reading. And definitely not while exerting myself --wouldn't the yarn get nasty? Anyway, there was a slight flickering of a nanosecond where I thought, hey, knit and walk theIsland? Naw. Part of the niceness about walking around Alameda is looking at the yards and buildings and such.

So, I'll stick to reading on the Orbital machine and knitting with the TV on...

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