Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lucy II done

Observation: Knitting 40 inches of a strap is very boring using worsted weight yarn. It was much faster when I made the bag using Lambs Pride Bulky. However, Kitchener stitched the straps together, and am done. I've Kitchenered for a couple of other projects, and always had the SnB book open. And always had a problem after the 4th stitch. uhmmm, do you pull 2 and 4 stitch off the needle and start w/ fresh stitches? Do you count stitch 2 as stitch 1 of the next round? So, previously, I'd sorta winged it as I went.

With this project, I read through the instructions again, and looked and figures in other books, and I had an epiphany (or at least I've figured out a way to do Kitcheners that works for me). Very happy.

Here's Lucy II prefelting. She's quite large.

I think I need another scarf project. Flora from Knitty?

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