Saturday, July 23, 2005


MIL and I went to the TKGA Friday (didn't post since we were there all day). Thank you MIL for keep running out and plugging in more quarters! Had a great time. In hind site, should have just parked in a lot. Oh, well.

This is the first yarn-type conference I've been to. I got to try spinning for the first time since 4th grade. Maybe I'm not cut out for spinning, was kinda fun trying w/ the CD spinner, tho'. My self-diagnosis is that I may be spin- challenged. I kept breaking the yarn, spinning the roving back into the yarn, and even sending the drop spindle skittering away (those spinning ladies are quite agile and were able to dodge lethal flying CD spindles). As an aside, I could never center the ball of clay on the pottery wheel either. Never broke a centrifuge, so the spin thing could be only craft related.

Had a Lily Chin siting. Well, had an amazing dress siting and realized she was wearing it (and of course she made it). She was sitting down to do a speed crochet time trial and we watched her 'prep' by speedily crocheting a number of rows. Man! She's fast. Who know that RedHeart was the yarn of choice?!

Now for the porn. I got 2 hanks of sock yarn for a shawl, alpaca for a cardigan for me, and silk hankies that seem a little more my speed (no spinning required--still very fun). And an Addi turbo for the purse I've got planned. I'm really hoping to use a long cord and do magic loop. I don't want to buy all those needles. And I offered to knit MIL a scarf if she picked out the yarn. She found some gorgeous wool/silk blend forest green yarn. And I also got a little sheep was very very cute.
I've already started to knit a little scarf with the silk hankie. It's alot of fun but I may have damaged my pointing finger on both hands trying to pull the silk. I hope I got enough to finish a skinny scarf. Super soft. It's on 10 1/2 needles. I did notice that my needles have turned a darker color. I hope my neck won't turn that color if I wear that scarf. uhmm, really, I do wash my neck, and even behind my ears. Did I mention how soft it is?

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