Monday, July 25, 2005

MIL's So Called Scarf

I had been trying to think of a neat stitch to use for MIL's lovely green silk/wool scarf. At the yarn conference, we had admired a couple of scarves w/ and interesting stitch (looks like a bow or butterfly out of yarn -- not the islet butterfly stitch, but rather, a butterfly on top of the scarf). I searched high...I searched low...but to no avail. Couldn't find that stitch anywhere. Instead, came across this
Sheep in the City
Blog. The funny thing is that the scarf pattern originally came from a Bay Area store (Imaginknit) -- go figure. Here's my rendition of the same stitch pattern, except I couldn't figure out how to knit to the back when you've got a psso, so I just YO and slipped both stitches out. Right or wrong, this is it. I guess the only other thing is that even though I swatched it a couple of times for the scarf width MIL requested, I swear it shrank. I'm hoping that either 1) she'll like a skinnier than requested scarf, or 2) I'll block it for her and it'll be the width she wanted. Either way, here it is OTN

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