Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Before and After

Awhile ago, Knitpicks posted the Potato Chip Scarf. From their site "this scarf is as addictive to make as potato chips are to eat!" After reading about the scarf and being thoroughly entertained by the copyright issues, I thought I'd try it w/ some cheap yarn from my stash (yes. I do have a little stash now) I casted on 100 stitches and had to use an additional circular as a holder. Binding off at 800 stitches. (quarter for reference)

Yesterday, I became the owner of a yarn ball winder from Yarn! Okay, this was fun! I wound some of my hanks yesterday. This morning, z spotted the winder and helped me wind a ball (very clever little boy).

So, what does this have to do with the potato chip scarf? I didn't like the length of it as I was binding off. The scarf was over 51/2 ft long! and it was heavy. What's a girl to do? yep! Frogged it. RIP...the end of the scarf as we know it... It was so much easier with the winder. Else it would have remained a UFO. Here's the after picture:
btw-I found the charger.

I'm sure I'll make another Potato Chip Scarf, just not that long, nor with yarn that's so heavy. And probably for gifting. Not quite sure what I'll make with the purple yarn. But I have a lot of it.

I also stopped at Creative Accents in San Leandro yesterday. What a nice place. She gave me a pattern for a toddler cardi to test out. I will make that sweater. Very cute.
I've also officially cast on for the elephant.

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