Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lost and Found

So, I would post pics of my FOs, WIPs, UFOs, SEXs, and all those other yarn abbreviations. But alas, we can't seem to find the battery charger for the camera. Darn, I did so want to document my journey into knitland...that was my goal for this blog. Well, no pics for awhile. I suppose I could post the obligatory cat picture (after all, half of this blog IS for knitting).

This is the cat with attitude. (and no, he's not lost. But that expression would be great on a Wanted poster).

On the other hand, in my search, I did manage to solve the case of the missing sunglasses. z's dad thought he accidently recycled them in the green bin months ago. Had completely given up hope. But yay hooray! Embarrasingly, they were hiding beneath the monster dust rhino under the chair (more like a herd of rhinos)--no wonder they were lost for so long. (guess it's good that I haven't found the charger, else we'd have a pic of the world's largest dust rhino. )

Okay, back to knitting. Promised the zeester that I'd knit him an elephant. Or as he'd say 'el-ee-fant' (he used to say 'el-fant' but now that he's 2 and a half, he makes sure that the 2nd syllable is enunciated). He's very particular about what he wants. it's a elephant w/ 4 feet on the ground, not like a teddybear, but like an elephant. I found lots of crochet elephants, but only one elephant w/ the almost the right specs. I just have to make it smaller.
Here it is.

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