Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Island of Dr. Moreau

As I said, casted on for the elephant -- it's quite large in worsted weight, even if it's with 6's. Frogged it. So, instead, I knit this kitty cat composed of primarily rectangles. Easy and pretty cute.

I figured I'd post my knit snake. I almost finished at SnB. (You gotta love the I-cord.) They suggested the rattle part. I like snakes since I'm born in the year of the, that would make me how old this year? I would be 52, 40, 28, or 16...okay. I'm not 16.

So, I love this snake. No, it's not a worm, I know how to make one of those. It's hard to tell from the picture, but he has a rattle and he's got eyes and a red tongue. It's a snake is from a pattern

Snake City.

Of course I misread the directions and made it up sorta as I went along...sheesh, how hard is it to read a couple lines. That's the reason I don't bake. Too much measuring and all that precision. The only times I follow directions to the letter are when I'm in lab, since it's critical to the success of the experiment and (in many cases), I'm using totally nasty biohazard, radioactive, or some carcinogic compound and my health and the health of colleagues are at risk.

I am now in the process of fusing the cat and the large elephant pattern to make a small elephant for the z. Altho' it would be interesting to make a kittephant...or a snat...or would that be a snitty?! gotta love genetic engineering... the possibilities are endless...Bwah hah hah...(wringing of hands...)

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