Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I finished z's elephant, only to be told by him that he wants a blue cat...kids...
This was knit with Wool-Ease grey on #9's. The body is a combination of the cat (square) and the elephant (defined legs). The odd thing was that when I stuffed it, the legs/body looked better the other way. So that instead of longitudinal, it's actually sagittal. The trunk was knit w/ technique used to add the thumb onto a mitten (as seen on DIY the other day) by knitting 4 stitches with waste yarn and picking up extra stitches and knitting an I-cord. The trunk was originally even longer since I hadn't made the body yet and couldn't tell the proportions. It's still long, but oh well. Also, I should have put a weight in the behind section since he's front-heavy. His tail is a crochet chain. the yarn at one end used to sew his tail on and then woven into the tail.

I guess I'll go make him the blue kitty. Altho' I was looking at some of the furry yarns...I wonder how they would knit up?

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