Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gone to the Fair

Today was a totally fun day. The boy and I dropped the girl off at school and we went to run errands, including a trip the the Farmers Market, where we got some incredible strawberries from my favorite vendor and even some peaches. Then we hung out and picked up A after she's had her nap (the reason she went to school was so that she'd get a nap) to go to the County Fair.

We got there and A and Z each made one of these:
sheep at fair z
sheep at fair Very cool. They had set out some sheered wool and paper and glue and crayons.

We looked at a calf that was born yesterday...we looked at hobbies...and then we went in search of ...

yep. I entered several pieces in the knitting category.

I can honestly say in all the years I've gone to the fair, I've never stepped into this building. It was a little frustrating running around looking at every single display to see if it's one of mine. I had Z looking too. But he was trying to look for my name, and that's difficult in that huge place.

After much running around, I found all my items, and guess what?! I ribboned.

2nd place at county fair 2008

My goldlack shawl won 2nd place. woo hoo.


1st place at county fair 2008

Blue ribbon for Hanalore.

Double woo hoo.


Soo said...

Wahey!!! Congratulations. Both ribbons are well deserved!!! :)

fleegle said...

Yay! My heroine!

Miss T said...

Congratulations! Beautiful work!

Dave said...

Well deserved -- congratulations!

√úhltje said...

I was going woohoo, when I saw your post. congratulations. We don't know each other, but I have to support my doily dose dealer.

Diane said...

Well deserved ribbons.

Stefaneener said...

I'm going tomorrow so I'll go look! Congratulations!

Maia said...


Knitsonya said...

Congrats on your fully deserved winnings! They are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! :D

For a while I've been tempted to submit something knitted in the local yearly fair, but every year I always remember too late. Besides, I think the lace I knit, no matter how beautiful, might not be the sort of thing the people around here would appreciate. I've seen gorgeously done washcloths, round, lacy, and with perfectly even stitches, lose to a plain old square checkerboard pattern. I've seen funny boxy-looking acrylic sweaters win when the nicely cabled sweater, with good execution and made of something blockable, only gets honourable mention at best. My friends likened it to bringing caviar to a redneck barbeque, really...