Thursday, June 05, 2008

Weave That.

A bit ago, I tried out the Weave It loom at the Color Fiber Festival, and somehow, I ended up with not one but several Weave It looms, and a Love&Money loom set too! And somehow, the hotpad loom, another little loom (which isn's supposed to be great, but whatever.

Here's my little collection of Weave it looms (plus that little loom that's not a Weave It loom.)
weave it looms

How'd that happen?

they're housed in my Powepuff girl metal box. See how the needles are held on by a magnet that's stuck on the box? (saw that's what GirlontheRocks did).

Anyway, I've now tried a couple of squares and made a couple of birdies with them. My goal is to actually make something that folks don't think...'uhmmm. They're squares'--or in this case, squares folded in half.

weave it birds

What shall I make next? I don't know...

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