Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Niebling Summer KAL update

Well, the official start isn't until this weekend, but I am working away at mine. While I was taking a progress shot (I don't usually do this too much for a doily), I realized how thin my thread was, so I thought I'd take a pic for posterity.

10_20_100 thread
This is left to right: #10 thread, #20 thread, and what I'm working with right now, #100 thread.

This is a needle comparison:
Top down: US8, US1, US000, US0000, US6X0
needles 8_1_3x0_4x0_6x0

As for the update on the KAL, here it is:
summer kal 061808

oh, also, guess what I finally ordered....


Thanks for the present! This is a gift from my MIL. Love it!


Soo said...

Egads! That is crazy thin thread. The Niebling is looking great so far!

fleegle said...

You are truly scary!

Diane said...

OMG that's crazy tiny but it looks great.

Those knitpicks are my favs. Use them for everything. Sharp points and ultra flex cables.

Jane said...

Your doily is looking wonderful so far :-) What would we do without Lacis to feed our addiction? I have to get cracking on that doily too!