Monday, July 07, 2008

Creature verses Peacock

Several of us from the Lacis lace knitting group decided to knit the Fiddlestick's Peacock Feathers Shawl as a KAL. I got the pattern when I first got into lace knitting and really liked it, but the question was: 'did I really need another triangular shawl?'
peacock join
On Ravelry much later, I found that someone had converted the triangular pattern to a rectangular stole. In fact, 2 knitters had. And it was lovely. So, while my KAL cohorts were off knitting their triangle, I started researching and knitting the stole.

Wow. What a great pattern. I was worried that the repetitiveness of the stole pattern would make my brain numb and make me very frustrated, but it was nice. I'm still not a big fan of pattern #1, but that's just me. But the rest of it just flew off my needles.

I cast on a couple of times because I didn't like the needle size. Casted on a total of 128 stitches provisionally (4 on each edge in garter). I decided to go up to US4 even though previously I'd been using US3 because the peacock's I've seen looked dense, and I'm all about airy. (And after working with #100 thread, Jagger Spun Zephyr feels like worsted).

Flies off the needle, I say, easy pattern to remember (sort of). I opted to add an additional pattern of pattern 5 and then added #6 glass beads to the knit row before crochet cast off (every other stitch). 9 stitches crochet and every 3 stitches (4 on the edge).

Picked up the other side and knit going the other way. Then disaster strikes this weekend. I'm on pattern 6 of the 2nd side when the Creature struck.

I set it down and told her as usual, please don't play with mom's knitting. I went to discuss dinner plans and hear the older child going 'mom. mom.' Not a screaming 'MOM', nope, a 'mom, can you come in here please'

I come back to find this:
wreck peacock 070508

The good news was that Creature did not yank the needles off the stole. The bad news is (and this is all from the 5 year old) that Creature took the ball of yarn and bit it like an apple...several times.

This is probably what my poor ball of yarn saw right before the tragedy.

Anyway, instead of finishing the stole as I planned, I spent about 5 hours trying to untangle, and rewind this mess. And to add to this, I read that the stole took a little more than 4 oz, and I only had 4 oz, so I'm all about trying to salvage this tangled mess. I also found to my horror, that the yarn was broken at the stitch I was working on, and several other places in that tangled mess.

After rewinding, I tinked back and reattached the yarn and finished the stole.

finished peacock 070608


pattern: Fiddlesticks Peacock Feathers shawl

start/finish date: June 24-July 6, 2008

mods: many. Changed from triangle to rectangle, added beads, increased length


fleegle said...

The stole is intensely lovely--delicate and different than the zillions of triangles out there.\

As for your tragedy, Roy said he would have pulled a Bill Cosby: I brought you into this world and I can take. you. out. :)

Glad you finally got everything straight, though.

Stefaneener said...

Your creature should probably never meet my middle Things. Bad juju all around. Good for you for persevering.

Jeanne said...

Wow - the shawl is gorgeous and what a great idea to convert it to a stole. Great job untangling and fixing it - and you sounded so calm about it!

Soo said...

Whew. My heart stopped with that story.

The stole looks lovely though. And what a great idea to convert it that way. I have the pattern and was having the same 'triangle' doubts so you've given me something to ponder.

Miss T said...

Beautiful stole! But oh, my goodness. I would not have been that calm. The words, "boarding school," would have been the first things out of my mouth!

Dave said...

Good rescue, and gorgeous shawl!

Diane said...

Your shawl is beautiful.

Wouldn't you just love to know why at that particular time she decided it was time to take bites of your yarn? Not like it's good to eat or something new in the house that she's not use to. And the older child who probably tattles every chance given didn't come running and grab you to rat out little siste?. That's just NUTS

My granddaughter's new thing is she hands me my needles .... after pulling them out of all the live stitches. Can't be made since she's just trying to help.