Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thinking about Wedding Ring Shawl

I have been thinking about Sharon Miller's Wedding Ring Shawl. Okay, it started with Princess, but I don't know about the whole triangle thing, and I'm not crazy enough to knit the square version. Then I started thinking about Unst, and isn't that a beauty? And then I was thinking about Wedding Ring Shawl...

Anyway, I'm only on round 170 of the Lena Niebling, so, there's not much to show, except for a sea of green. I do think I'm going to end it sooner than later, since I'm not a huge fan of the edging they used anyway.

Back to the 'next-big-project'. I'm torn. I've now got 3 different cobwebby yarns to be used for the Sharon Miller projects.

What do you all think?
for princess mint sangria dk natural the Mint is actually more green and much less yellow...these are all colourmart yarns.

left to right:

3/84NM 45:55 Cashmere/Silk Cobweb Weight in Mint

1/36NM 55:45 Cashmere/Silk Cobweb Weight in Sangria

1/36NM 55:45 Cashmere/Silk Cobweb Weight in dark natural

Which one to use?

ETA: I guess Sangria is it! Thanks everyone. By the way, Colourmart has more of this color (don't let his color scare you off, it's a deep red, not bright)


fleegle said...

red red red.

Shell said...

Okay I have to second the red vote, it will make a breath taking shawl.

Soo said...

I'd also have to vote for the red - it's a lovely colour.

√úhltje said...

I'm all for a unanimous vote. Red it will be!