Friday, March 14, 2008


No worries. I'm cruising on Heere be Dragone. In fact, here's a picture of it:

There's a recent thread on Ravelry asking about the most difficult lace, and this was one of the patterns listed as being difficult. Of course, I'm all like "oh no it's not. pretty simple actually." THEN, I drop a stitch. After my heart started again, I was able to repair it. I'm just thankful I opted not to use the cobweb 100% silk. whew! (oh, as you can see, I'm using BOY for this piece).

Oh, and then there's this:
This is scrumptious DK cashsilk in ancient green from Colourmart. I'm knitting this beautiful shawl with it (variation of a leaf pattern - kind of like kiri, but with a bit more substance) but unfortunately, that thing I always tell other folks to do and didn't do it myself?! yep...didn't swatch with the needles and this pattern is not showing up very well at all. This will be ripped and this pattern will be used with some other lace weight yarn. For this yarn? I think that I'll have to stick to larger needles and a more open pattern. I finally broke down and purchased Evelyn Clark's 'Triangle Shawls' based on recommendations by two people at the lace knitting group at Lacis. I think I'll do a EC triangle with this yarn.

By the way, this is the most lovely yarn. It feels nice to knit with it.

As for Ms. Dangly. I'm working on her outfit now. M's mom is super crafty and will undoubtedly make her additional clothes if M wishes. Will do a mini fashion shoot when done. Speaking of fashion shoots, while knitting last night, I was watching 'Make me a supermodel' (shh) last night and it amazes me that most of these models look like normal people unless you put clothes and make up on them. Then they look amazing. Actually, it seems like the real purty ones all got voted off the show. I find that interesting, don't you?

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fleegle said...

Your dragone is elegant! But what's BOY?

And yeah, the swatch needs airing out a bit. Rich color, though!