Friday, March 07, 2008

Already, Issues. not try to use silk doubled for doing horizontal stitch, especially cobweb weight silk. PITA, I say. I've just spent last evening struggling with the first 31 rows (actually, it's row 31 that's the deal breaker).

That lovely mauve-blue will become some other knitted finery instead.

I think I will be making Dragone with something else. I'm thinking this.
IMG_4148 This is a lovely yarn that I have no idea what it's made of (but I think it's cashmere/wool because of the label on the inside of the cone). It is lovely lovely and super soft and it's some sort of animal fiber.

So, it's either this or the cashmere/silk in rosehip (the one that's been languishing as Campanile on row 30 something?). or black zephyr.

So many choices.


fleegle said...

My advice, for whatever it's worth, is to use a fairly substantial laceweight so everyone can see the glorious textures and be sure it's stretchy. Yarn Place's Gentle would be a good choice. Yeah, I remember row 31.....

Diane said...

That stinks! Nothing worse than working so hard on something and then having to rip it back.

Good luck with the new yarn. Can't wait to see it finished .... which you'll do with speed that always amazes me.