Monday, March 17, 2008

Go Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

yay! I'm actually working on a green project (albeit light green, but whatever). Heere be Dragone is moving along. I'm now getting a tad tired of the wing stitch. At first, I was paranoid I wouldn't drop the YO (or in my case, drop too many YO), so I would drop the stitch as I went along. A true study in tedium. Okay, then I got lazy and did it the way you're supposed to (which is to drop it on the wrong side). And I'm finally getting into a rhythm for the wings.

You all don't need another picture do you? just imagine another 10 rows. oh, all right.
dragone progress 031708

There's only another 10 rows because I pulled out the blue cobweb silk from Colourmart and am working the pattern earlier seen with the ancient green cash/silk.

ETA: this is blue silk yarn originally purchased for the dragone but was such a pita tha I frogged it. I started the pattern using ancient green dk yarn and it just didn't work (since the green yarn is dk weight). I have switched it to the thin blue...I think I might have too much yarn...
blue silk cobweb shawl 031708
Now, doesn't this look much much better? I think so. I brought this project to the Ravelry knitting group on Sunday. Actually, I cast on and knit this while there.

I decided to go up to US3 for this project because I really like the lacy look of it. And the nice thing is that this is a really easy pattern to remember, I don't have to look at my chart too much (verses Dragone).

Speaking of charts, lookee here: magnet strip
I went shopping for plastic easter eggs for this weekend and found this at the local dollar store. This is a strip of metal with magnets -- used for kid's lockers to put up photos and such. However, this is perfect for lace charts. Perfect, I say. It's longer than 11.5" so my chart can sit horizontally. I've got a long strip of magnet and this is just so portable! I do still like my other metal sheet, but this one fits into my knitting bag...and did I mention it's portable?! And I got it at the dollar, yep, it was a dollar. And it has no sharp edges 'cause it's made for kids. I've got to go get a couple more (since I've got more than 2 lace projects, you know).

So, again, Happy St. Pat's and go and drink some green beer...or if you're not into beer, go eat something green. (My children get to eat green eggs and ham today.)



fleegle said...

Both are looking lovely! The dark green looks blue here, but it's very pretty!

Diane said...

The knitting of the green .... sounds like a great new St Patrick's Day tradition to me. lol

Anonymous said...

I did a search on Herbert Niebling's Lotus Flower and found your lovely one. I am currently trying to knit it and was wondering if there are any errors in the chart. I seem to be having a problem on row 35. It is currently in time out until I can figure out what I did wrong.
I guess I will be listed as anonymous since I can't post otherwise. Linda