Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Xmas present done

I decided that my brother and sister in-laws needed a doily. So this is what I knitted up for them.
0896_20 complete
Does this look really familiar. Actually, I didn't plan on it. The picture in the magazine is white table topper on light pink background and I thought, hey, that's about the size I want to make for them...well, doesn't it look like Lotus Flower?

Anyway, I hope they like it. I shall have to reblock the little fan things, they turned out uneven. (it was done late into the night)

thread: Cebelia white #30
needle: US0 dpn and circ (2mm)
time start: December 9, 2007
time end: December 14, 2007
pattern: 0896/20 table topper from Anna magazine August 1996


fleegle said...

Well, if they don't like it, have them send it to's lovely! Which book was this in?

z's momma said...

Dear Fleegle,

It was in Anna magazine August 1996. (I'll add it on the page)thanks.

Diane said...

Very nice. If they don't love it then obviously you are part of the wrong family.

Knitting Linguist said...

That's just gorgeous. They're going to love it! (Who wouldn't?)