Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shaun the sheep

I'm so excited. Look what came in the mail yesterday? What? why yes, through the wonderful world of Ravelry, I was able to swap some of my stuff for the the magazine (it's the Simply Knitting December issue). Why swap? Well, let me tell you that it's not available in the states yet. They didn't have this issue available at any of the bookstores, so what's a girl to do? I swapped with a very nice Raveler, socherry, who lives in Scotland! shawn mobile pattern sk

hee hee. I immediately went to the LYS (Alameda Yarn Company) and asked her for sheep-like yarn. She obliged and here's the equipment list for my first Shaun.

These include:
the super soft yarn for the wool, Wendy Peter Pan's Velvet Touch
good ole Patons wool
black crochet cotton
white felt
US2 needles
hole punch and pipe cleaner

the hole punch for punching out felt eyeballs and the pipe cleaner for my Shauns legs.

What a fun easy knit (okay, as with all Alan Dart patterns, a bit fiddly). My only modifications were that I didn't use glue and hairspray and whatever else to stick things onto Shaun. I also knitted his legs as I-cords instead of flat. I did use skewers for the needles, but I didn't have wooden pony beads, so I raided my bead stash and these were the only beads that fit. I must craft, because except for the wool-like yarn, I had all the other stuff.

So, introducing Shaun, knitting, of course
Shaun w sweater

Other views:Shaun on side
shaun back

I should mention that Shaun's knitted piece is actually my first attempt at color-work. As my knitting friends have said, it's not that hard. I guess I'll have to go try some intarsia now. And the box he's sitting on is a can of oysters (for scale).

Oh, and then, well...I went 'doh' and changed out what he's knitting. hee hee . I am gleeful. I have to go make all the rest of them now. Shaun w lace


Heatherly said...

he is sooo cute. what a great trade.
i am envious!

Denise said...

He's verrrry cute! I can walk to your local LYS also. . .

Diane said...

Just too adorably cute!

Stefaneener said...

Whoops, Denise didn't comment; I didn't log her out of my computer.

fleegle said...

Snicker. I ordered it on eBay last week. Can't wait to make silly stuff. Your versions are adorable and I shall use as a reference.

Canuckknits said...

Love it! I rec'd this last month, as I have the international subscription, as you can see from my knitting blog, I am a big Shaun the Sheep fan!! Happy holidays! (I haven't got around to attempting yet, but your results have spurred me on!)

Lucy said...

Love your Shaun Sheep! I ordered the December mag online direct from SK when it was up for ordering in early November - I received it in 2 weeks - a record!!I have had to wait until I finish my Christmas WIPs before starting anything so hope to enjoy knitting these great characters in the new year!! Great to see you in the A.D. group on Ravelry! Cheers Lucy

Soo said...

How cute is that???????

I'm off to find a copy of Simply Knitting!!!

grace (http://kathrynivy.com) said...

He's really cute and has so much personality!! I hadn't seen the pattern before, but now I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. :)

Holly said...

adorable! I want to find that pattern, too!

Debbydoll said...

This is SO adorable! Where can we get a pattern for this in Oregon? I LOVE Shaun the Sheep, actually anything by Wallace and Grommet.

April said...

I love this mobile and am wanting to make it for my upcoming baby. Would you be willing to sell or trade it with me?
Thanks, April