Sunday, December 02, 2007

Niebling shawl complete

I finished the shawl and didn't know which edging to use, the doily or since I wanted to bind off and finish today, I posted the question and pictures to Ravelry.

That was the only place I knew where folks would instantly put their 2 cents in--and they did. The shawl bind off won. So, I spent some time and bound off the shawl.

yarn: 2/18NM fine 4ply weight 51% baby alpaca 49% cashmere from Colourmart
Amount used: 70 grams = 677yds
needles: Addi lace US3 and US8 for bindoff
Start date: November 21, 2007
Finish date: December 2, 2007

modifications: I couldn't figure out the start, so I fudged that section. I also added a couple rows of garter before the edging, but it's hard to tell. The 3YO where 10 stitches went into was reduced to 2YOs, and the hole is still pretty huge.

This pattern rocks. I really like how it turned out. And from the magazine, you couldn't tell that it had such nice detail. You couldn't see the back of the shawl, and the tablecloth was a small picture insert.

My only 'complaint' shockingly has to do with the yarn. I love Colourmart yarns, but this one...the yarn was springy and tended to twist up when knitting (you know I use a yarn cone holder, so the yarn isn't picking up additional twists from the cone). And when I was washing the oils out at the end, I found that the shawl had started to felt. I blocked this shawl hard. Yes, you can bounce a quarter off of it. The edges are still a little stuck together. Tomorrow, I figure I'll go and try to tease it apart.

I might have to make the tablecloth, since even tho' I have to purl on the right side, I can knit the resting row (unlike having to purl for this shawl). Maybe maybe I'll start Lyra now. Or I might start Federdolde or Filigree.

I'll post more pictures when it's actually dry.


fleegle said...

Gasp! It's stunning! Gray, but stunning :)

I have that pattern...maybe someday.

Blocking Lyra today!

z's momma said...

Dear fleegle,
Can't wait to see your Lyra!