Monday, February 05, 2007

Yarn over and unders?!

So, I'm surfin away, minding my own business, when I encountered a yarn over question on the knittyboard. Apparently, I've been yarning under? Oh shoot, now I'm totally confused. I just watched and argh! This is not a good thing, especially since I'm in the midst of Fiber Trends Lace Leaf shawl. BTW-- easy peasy, except for the fact that now, I'm going to be trying to figure out whether I've been doing it incorrectly. Of course they're showing English style and not Continental style, but I'm not sure what I do...hmm...

Mantra to self...forget...forget all that you just watched (not too terribly difficult thing to do since I only had maybe 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, thanks to the a girl)...forget, yarn over...just do as you've been doing...continue...

But then again, the person having the problem wasn't able to get a hole in their lace, and I definitely can. So, even if I'm yarning under, I must somewhere, somehow be compensating for it.

Did I mention I'm using 50% cashmere/cotton laceweight yarn for this shawl. Tis quite lovely yarn. Go to their site ( and buy some yarn! If you need convincing, just google cashmere yarns and see what you get. The way I figure it, why not use cashmere when it's so reasonably priced? It seems like alot, but for 2300yds of laceweight, you just gotta do it.

As for this yarn (the 50% cash/cotton), it's sweet. It's nice to knit and literally from the never-ending cone.


Kristen said...

I think English gets wrapped t'other way around, so if you're looking at an English YO video, but you knit Continental, don't copy what you see.

Sometimes people who knit Continental wrap their yarn backwards, but I think that just makes twisted stitches. I can see the stitches in your cupcake hat, and they're not twisted (not the ones facing the camera, anyway).

So if you're making Continental knit stitches correctly, to make a YO, you just wrap the yarn around your needle exactly as you would after poking it through a stitch, except you skip the poking part. You get a hole, and you knit it on the other side or the next time you come to it.

Kristen said...

Also, thanks again for your haiku comment! Tell your friends and neighbors about the contest!