Friday, February 16, 2007

Lace leaf

I finally finished, washed, rinsed, blocked etc. for this shawl. This is an Evelyn Clark pattern and has been knitted by many. It's an easy lace pattern, but that's sort of what I needed to take to my SnB. It went very slowly simply because I didn't have the opportunity to knit. Then I got bored, but really wanted to finish it.

And yes, this is what my back yard looks like. That would be California burclover (Medicago polymorpha) aka a real pain to get rid of.

start: Feb 3, 2007
finished: Feb 16, 2007
yarn: 2/28NM cashmere/cotton in Natural (maybe 1/3 of a cone)
needle size: US4
pattern: Lace Leaf shawl
adjustments: I stopped pattern 2 (body) after 287 stitches because I got bored and wanted to move on.

Here it is in a little ball post washing with Dawn detergent and rinsing well with water to remove residual machine oil.

Another shot of the shawl. Now I just have to figure out when I'd actually wear a shawl, much less a triangular one...


sandra said...

You did amazing job on that shawl!

fleegle said...

It's beautiful, dear. Wear the shawl to the grocery's too pretty to keep in the closet.