Monday, February 19, 2007


I can't believe I forgot to blog about this, that's lame. I won some yarn from the Gilmore Girls KAL. How'd I win? Well, go and read about it here . How lovely was that? Mandies was looking for how to make a scarf LG was wearing, and I thought it looked like something I'd seen before. And she liked it. Anyway, I was gifted some lovely yarn.
(unfortunately, I've not had the opportunity to download pics from my camera, so it'll have to wait)

Thanks Mandies!

As for the KAL itself...well, I'm one of those delayed viewers. I tape (not Tivo) the show and then watch it the following day or two. I usually can't KAL since there's wrangling of small child usually occuring...does that mean I can or cannot join? or would that be should not?...

Oh, there's also Grey's Anatomy KAL I've discovered. hmmm...too bad grey's not my color. This show I watch live because I'm taping CSI. And I do knit when I watch this show. Maybe I should look for grey at Stitches West this week.

Finally, I did join another KAL, VLT. But ofcourse, I'm doing this new fangled blogger and I've not figured out how to put that little tag on my sidebar. I will figure it out this week...end.

an aside -- TV watching: I watch too much. I watch anything and everything, so please don't judge me too harshly...

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