Friday, February 23, 2007

Stitches wow!

Well, I'm back from my one day at the Stitches market. No, didn't do classes, didn't meet up with internet folks, just went to look with MIL.

I didn't have that many sightings , but man, were the one's sighted cool. I saw Cookie of the sock fame from SF. But major coup was meeting and getting a bookplate signed by Jane Sowerby of VLT. Cool or what. She seemed like a really lovely woman. I wish I had told her how much I enjoyed her book and that I'm actually participating in the KAL (but I didn't). Cookie had tons of folks all around and I'm just too shy to go up to her and introduce myself...'hi, I'm a blogger stalker and uhmmm'...right. I'm pretty sure I had additional sightings, but I was there for the fibers.

There was lots of lace -- maybe 'cause that's all I was looking at. I saw that Malabrigo has laceweight yarn (nope, control. remember?!). After walking around and fondling many a yarns, I showed much restraint and only bought yarn at 2 places. I left with 2 cones, one 100% crunchy silk, and the other, alpaca/silk from WEBS--both laceweight.

What did I miss? Lace Addi Turbos. The very nice man from the Lacy Knitters Guild told me they were here, but I just didn't see it. But he did show me his cool gadget for knitting off cones. I got to get me a bearing doodad. He mentioned that your whole piece could end up biased if you don't have a way of making your cone turn while you knitted because you'd be putting extra twist into your yarn.

I'll post pics soon, I promise.


Stefaneener said...

I think I've seen some pictures somewhere of a homemade cone knitting thing. Um, bearing on the base, an arm with a "hook" to hold the yarn up -- is that what it was like?

Sounds very cool. Great restraint.

DaFawnz said...

I talked with Jane and had her sign my book. She was VERY nice. (I am in the KAL also) Cookie is also very nice (and Kristie too) I have even proclaimed myself to be a blog lurker on their blog and they just laugh. As for self restraint? I have none (if you look at my blog you would see, just how little I have...) Happy knitting.