Monday, December 18, 2006


What I great idea I had...scarves for z and a's teachers...that's not too bad, 3 teachers each. I can whip up 6 scarves in 7 days (actually, only 5 since I had that one chenille one done already). la la la...go shopping for la la, maybe some wool, some blends, some pretty ribbony yarn, and some acrylic but soft la la...yeah, no problem...wrong.

uhmm...turns out since a's in the baby room, there are actually 6 teachers!!!!

How in the heck am I gonna knit that many scarves?! That is 9 1 for the director. If I'd known that, I think I'd have just gotten them gift cards...

ack! I've knitted all weekend, and surprisingly I've got 5 done. (AND they're not all bulky yarn, so I didn't cheat too much.) Albeit there is one neckwarmer. I think I'm making a couple more of those.

Pictures to be posted when I'm done. Oh, did I mention that since daycare is closed on Friday, they've got to be all done and wrapped by Thursday?! ack!

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Joni said...

Good luck with all that knitting! I lucked out--this is my first year with a child in school, with my son in preschool. My son's teachers requested donations for the local food pantry instead of gifts, so I just picked up a couple packages of diapers and wipes (which were on their list) and I'm done! (not to brag or anything, lol)