Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Red Scarf project

At SnB a bit back, we were chatting about charity knitting, and I mentioned that I'd be interested in doing that (since I had all that free time and all). I commented on the Red Scarf Project, and how I thought that was a cause I could knit for, if I only remembered to get some red yarn. Well, I was given a skein of Lamb's Pride in Blue Blood Red by Ann, so now I had to knit the scarf. As I looked and fondled the yarn, I remembered how much I enjoyed working with LP, and oh, what a color.

This is a nice yarn. And a nice red. I must do it justice. I was a tad worried that one skein wouldn't be enough to make a scarf to spec (something like 60in and 5-8inin width). I was thinking Irish hiking scarf, but that took too much yarn. Then I thought about man-lace (since it should be a non-gender scarf), but I didn't have any pattern books handy. So, I surfed and found a nice pattern. In my first attempt (trying to get the width) I casted on 23 stitches on #8s. 4 seed stitches on each side as a border, that's the ticket. That will get the width. But, as I continued, I realized this will be a really short scarf.
So I ripped it and started over and did a 2-stitch seed border. Looks much better. And I knit. And I'm done. And I blocked it. And it's dry, but darn it, it curls! How do you fix that?!Specs:
Yarn: 1 skein of BlueBloodRed LP worsted
needles: old pair of plastic #8 (which, btw, I love using)
casted on 19 stitches (one pattern repeat)
start-finish: 12/1/2006-12/4/2006
size: approx. 5in X 55in
-Will send off in January

You know, this charity knitting thing does give you the warm fuzzies (and it's not the mohair). I must do more...AFTER I finish more presents.


Stefaneener said...

I like that project too. But I don't have any red yarn that's not itchy.

Nik said...

I would try to lightly steam it on the wrong side to get rid of the curl.